Monday, December 19, 2011

Knitting iPhone Apps

I was contacted by Knit Suite, Mobile Apps for Knitters to look at the applications they have produced, but I don't have an iPhone (I am an Android girl.)
I got contacted to review these apps, but I don't have an iPhone. Since I am not able to play with these applications myself, I wanted to find out what others think of them.

"I recently developed 3 iPhone applications for knitters, collectively known as Knit Suite. These are the start of what I hope will be a series of small, single focus apps for knitters.

The three applications on sale now are:
Kitchener Stitch, a photo and text tutorial
Abbreviations, knitting and crochet terms found on knitting patterns
Yarn Needs, the yardage required to knit many types of projects in many sizes and several yarn weights."

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