Sunday, August 28, 2011

Viking Knitting Exibit

My friends Sam and Caroline found an exhibit on Viking-era mittens at the National Museum of Iceland. They were kind enough to take some photos of this exhibit and send them to me.

A closeup of the Viking mittens.

The technique used was needle coiling, which you may have also heard in places called "Viking Knitting." Tomorrow, I will share a video on this technique as the knitting project of the day.

Description from the exhibit

Thank you, Sam and Caroline, for sending me these pictures!


  1. Hope this information helps, but you're right! There is the wire knitting technique, and there is also a similar version (typically) made from wool that is often called 'NÃ¥lebinding'. The mitten in the National Museum has been analysed, and the looping technique has been figured on in this article: (page 75).
    The stitch itself on the internet is often called the "Oslo stitch".

    Hope that helps! :)