Thursday, August 9, 2012


Today is Knitting Project of the Day's 500th post! Today I want to honor my follows, readers and fellow knitters who have enjoyed my free knitting patterns. I spend some time on Ravelry (username ChemKnitsBlog), where I love seeing finished ChemKnits projects. I don't think I'll ever stop feeling excited when I see a newly uploaded photo. Thank you everyone for making my blogging activities a success.

I have started a new group on Ravelry called ChemKnits Designs. If you would like to chat with me about my designs, or anything else fiber related I would love to hear from you!

I started KPOTD because friends and family kept sending me amazing knitting projects, and I wanted an outlet to share them with the world. I felt (and still feel) that every kind of fiber artist a place of honor, not just designers. Through these 500 KPOTD posts, I have begun to notice some changes to how I find projects. Last March I created a ChemKnits Facebook page, and since then I've found myself sharing amazing knitting feats as I find them immediately. It seems silly for me to share something on KPOTD that I've already shared on Facebook.

It is with a heavy heart that I announce that I will no longer be publishing amazing knitting projects daily here on KPOTD. (Don't worry, ChemKnits isn't going anywhere! ) I will continue to share amazing knitting projects on Facebook and/or Google+ as I find them, but not daily since they can no longer be scheduled in advance. Thank you for your faithful readership!


  1. Awwhhhh. I love looking to see what quirky things you have on KPOTD. Will have to join your new group on ravelry.

    1. Ginx, I'm glad you enjoyed it! I just realized that Facebook is a better venue to share the fun things that I find.

      I hope you do join the Ravelry group.

  2. Facebook for me was winding up with ads about things that were not of my choosing - and lots of other things!

    So, although I tried to leave Facebook, seems it's not easy once you're there.

    Looks like I'll be missing a lot of what you used to post here. And so it goes . . .

    Gentle as you go,

    1. Marny,

      Most of I post on Facebook is also shared on Twitter (which I know you can view even without opening a twitter account.)