Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Owl Hat and Winner of the KPOTD Submission Contest

And the winner is.... Mark with the submission of a photograph of an owl hat! Why should this hat be KPOTD? "Because this owl hat is awesome! Easy, stylish, and warm!"

I have loved owl cable knitting projects for a long time. I have many in my queue that I intend to knit in the not too distant future.

Thank you Mark for the submission! Check your email for the delivery of the Coat Check Scarf Knitting Pattern through Ravelry. Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest. Although the contest is now over, you can still submit your favorite knitting project to KPOTD and you just might see it featured here!


  1. I changed the licensing on that image to Creative Commons (attribution), so have at it! And thanks!

    1. Thanks for letting me share the picture. The hat is stunning!