Saturday, October 15, 2011

Knitting device for bilateral upper extremity amputee

Knitting device for bilateral upper extremity amputee - In reading the title, I know this wouldn't have to do with the knitting activity , but I did enjoy an image of a device to help and amputee knit. Unfortunately I am unable to get the full text from this American Journal of Occupational Therapy article, but I believe there are other similar articles on my list.

I am interested in mentions that knitting is therapeutic, because I have found it to be really therapeutic in my own illness (chronic fatigue syndrome.) Since knitting doesn't require much planning, you just take it one stitch at a time I find it really easy to focus on. Plus, finishing knitting projects gives me a sense of accomplishment, which helps with the frustration of my condition. I am very grateful that I do not live through any pain, and that I have a hobby like knitting (and writing about knitting) that is helping me through this struggle.

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