Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Chicago Yarn Crawl

I was researching my new LYS (local yarn store) and on the website of Montoya Fibers, I came across something interesting: "The Chicago Yarn Crawl starts August 19 and runs through August 28. Special Sunday Hours during the crawl on August 21 and 28 - open 2 to 5."

It turns out, that Chicago is having the 2nd annual Yarn Crawl through the city and suburbs! If you visit a certain number of stores during the week of the crawl, you are eligible for grand prizes. Now I am not going to participate to try to win prizes (I expect that this will be a pretty crowded event), but I think this is a great way to go and check out the local yarn stores! Not to mention that you get 10% off at each store, and each store is offering free patterns.

Knitters, mark your calendars, this seems like a lot of fun!

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