Friday, May 27, 2011

Urban Knitting, the world's most inoffensive graffiti

The author of the following article has ""scoured all yarn covered corners of the intertubes to find some of the best examples of knit/crochet graffiti (legal or otherwise)."" I thought that the bus cover and phone booth cozy that I've discussed previously were amazing. Can you imagine a crochet TREE COZY that covers the branches? (Apparently this one stayed up for three years)

I will be featuring some other of the projects that I've found on this page, but the tree is easy to share because it's located at the top of the article!
Yes, this yarn bombing is graffiti, but as long as the knitters clean up their work, then there is really no harm done. Much easier to clean up than paint or scratches!

Thank you, Keith, for sharing this article with me!

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